Embarking on a Sustainable Journey: Kune’s Mission Begins in La Alberca

“The Sustainable Journey Begins in La Alberca”

Hello everyone, I’m Adrián Lafuente, and today I want to share with you a story that fills me with excitement and pride. Together with my friend Tommaso Farina, we are about to embark on an exciting project called “Kune”. Let me tell you more about it.

I am a 25-year-old from La Alberca with a diverse background and roots. Although I have lived in different countries following my parents’ footsteps, I have always found a home in the charming village of La Alberca, where my beloved grandparents live and where I feel a deep connection. Despite currently living in Catalonia and never having resided in La Alberca, this place is my reference point, my friends are from here, and it is where I find my sense of belonging.

Tommaso, my Italian friend, shares a profound concern for climate change and sustainability. Together, we have decided to step up and take action to protect the planet we love and explore. That’s how our project, “Kune”, was born.

“Kune” is the name we have chosen for this exciting adventure we are about to embark on. On June 5th, each of us will depart from our respective hometowns to undertake a journey that will take us to different countries for approximately a year. What makes this project special is that we will avoid using airplanes and opt for cleaner alternatives, such as sailboats, to reduce our carbon footprint. During our journey, we will meet with companies and spread the keys to sustainability, aiming to bridge the cultural gap when it comes to environmental issues.

The seed of “Kune” was planted when Tommaso and I took a trip together to Morocco, an experience that deeply impacted us and made us reflect on the importance of an itinerary that not only connects us with different cultures but also conveys our ideals of caring for the planet. “We realized it was necessary and a great opportunity, as sustainability is not equally present in all countries,” we share with conviction.

The name “Kune” means “together” in Esperanto, and our logo is a bitten apple that alludes to the symbol of organic waste containers. The two seeds represent Tommaso and myself, symbolizing rebirth and the cycle of life. We want to be that seed that inspires positive change in the world.

We are thrilled to have the support of various institutions, including the La Alberca Town Hall. Additionally, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds, totaling 30,000 euros. For now, our savings and unwavering motivation are our driving force.

We invite you to follow our adventure on our Instagram account, @project_kune, where we will share each step of our journey and where you can join our cause if you feel connected to it.

Together, we can make a difference! We are excited to share more details and news about “Kune” on our blog. Join us on this journey toward a more sustainable world!

Adrián Lafuente, from “Kune”


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